Equipment manufacturing
                                                  Special Anti-corrosion and coating

                                                  Special Anti-corrosion and coating(HAILIN system)

                                                      Applied for     

                                                  1.Special vehicles and all kinds of tank vehicles 
                                                  2.Tank vehicles carrying acid, alkali, salt and sewage from oil field. 
                                                  3.Structure of inside and outsid the vehicle tanks.

                                                      Technical performance     

                                                  1.Inner painting can resist high temperature of 105℃ boiling water, especially sewage with special corrosive medium such as sulfates and reducing bacteria. 
                                                  2.The coating has the function of abrasion and medium counter resistance, meanwhile it’s easily to be repaired. 
                                                  3.It can avoid corrupt the vehilce due to the leakage of the tank.
                                                      Effect of corrosion resistance     

                                                  1.The useful life can prolong to 3 -5 times than before if the carbon-steel vehicle tanks are corrosion resistant. 
                                                  2. Inner coating of the tank can control corrosion, avoid oxidization and pollution. 
                                                  3. Outer coating of the tank can be temperature resistant, heat insulation,radiation protection, meanwhile has the enrivonmental, beautiful apperance ,safety and alert function.

                                                      Economic benefit     

                                                  1. Prolong the useful life of the equipment to more than300% 
                                                  2. Saving repairing and maintenaing cost more than 300% 
                                                  3. Reducing the energy consumption more than 300% 
                                                  4. Saving resources consumption more than 300%

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